Venkateswara Venkatraman Prasanna

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Venkateswara Venkatraman Prasanna is a full-stack applications architect and senior developer with more than fifteen years of experience. He works as an architect or leader developer with proven ability to solve challenging problems and is always looking to contribute to team synergy and growth.


Sr. Technical Program Manager


Project Overview
Part of Amazon Advertising, International Expansions Team works on launching a set of Ads Products like the Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Displays and Stores into new markets where we have Retail presence. This requires coordination with multiple Sponsored Ads teams and align for a launch. Aligning for the launch requires enabling new market specific configuration among all of Ad Products and perform QA and UAT validation. Getting Sign-off from various teams and execute the launch. During the course of execution will have to communicate the progress and highlight risks and get support from partners and resolve any blockers for the safe launch.

My Role
Create intakes with various partners and get their acceptance and alignment for the launch

Work with business on getting the requirement documents like BRD/TRD

Track the progress made by all the project stakeholders

Report accurate status with various partners via Emails and Meeting Docs

Resolve any blockers by engaging the right team at right time

Work with all the partner teams and provide updates to leadership through executive summary

Conduct stand ups to get project status with various partners

Publish Project status documents for review of the leadership

Provide executive summary of the project status with Sr. Leadership teams

Send out Bi-Weekly/Weekly email updates to all the stakeholders

April 2022 - Present

Platform Architect

Bridge2 Solutions now acquired by Bakkt

Project Overview
This project is an online E-Commerce product of Bakkt. I am responsible for the technical delivery of the E-Commerce platform.

My Role
I work on the project's complete Software Development Life Cycle, including requirements gathering, system design, development, QA, load testing, production, and deployment. I Provide technical guidance and mentoring to my team members. I ensure the business requirements are delivered as technical solutions.

I build project backlog with technical enhancements along with platform features aiming to improve developer productivity. Mainly focus on the stability of the system.

I am exposed to multiple technical skills like, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Java 7 and Java 8 for backend, and work on building robust websites that are Responsive and WCAG 2.0 (AA) complaint.

September 2015 - April 2022

Manager - Projects

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Chennai, India and Atlanta, USA

Project Overview
This project was an online self-service portal for a telecommunications client.

My Role
Venkateswara Venkatraman Prasanna was responsible for managing and leading the team on technical front and provide technical consulting to client acting as Architect. I specialize on the web development and provide my expertise on Web Application development and Java based middleware development using Spring and Hibernate.

I manage requirements and design phase towards identifying manually agreed solutions with technical team and business partners.

Febuary 2011 - September 2015

Team Lead

Wipro Technologies

Chennai, India

Project Overview
The project was for a leading bank in the USA. The tool was an in-house batch automation product. The project I worked was a patent pending product for the bank.

My Role
I was responsible for the delivery and the operations of the tool. Ensure high availability by monitoring the production systems. I was also responsible for the delivery of new enhancements and upgradation of the project. Key milestones achieved in this project include upgradation from Jrun to Weblogic, Upgradation of JDK version 1.4 to 1.6 and migrating database from Sybase to Oracle.

I was basically in charge of the application support and software development.

September 2009 - January 2011

Module Leader

TATA Consultancy Services

Chennai, India

Project Overview
This application is being used by the Asset Management department of a leading bank in the APAC region. The system provides portfolio management system where the customers are downgraded and are required to try recovering the bad debts.

My Role
I was responsible for the initial launch and technical delivery. This was a project that I was involved in the development of the project from initial stages to the launch. I ensured there is utmost care taken in the delivery to ensure there is no slippage in the timelines. One of the prominent contribution by me to the project was the adhoc reporting module that was suctioned and delivered by me end to end. This adhoc reporting tool is one of the most used feature in the tool.

I was involved in the triaging the defects and distribute it with the team and deliver it to the client. During the development of the project I was also responsible for training the Junior team members in the software development and build a healthy development environment.

November 2008 - September 2009

Software Engineer

HCL Technologies

Bengaluru, India

Project Overview
This is an online portal for the Custodian department in a leading bank in Europe region. It has several modules like, E-tax – Tax Reclaiming System The application is used by the custodian department of the bank. It is mainly used to provide Tax Reclaiming System from the German Tax Authority. It uses the Struts (MVC) framework Provide client (foreign investors) with tax reclaim service of German withholding tax (actual phase). Define the work flow, data feed and system requirements for the whole process. IRMA - Intraday Risk Monitoring Application The application is used by the custodian department of the bank. It is mainly used to monitor the risk involved in the trading and holdings of stock. Provide Risk controllers within Deutsche Bank Domestic Custody Services with a convenient tool to monitor risks of its clients' business concerning DCS. i-Claim - Income Claiming Service The application is used by the custodian department of the bank. It is mainly used to monitor the risk involved in the trading and holdings of stock. SDM - Static Data Manager The objective of this Project is to build a User Interface to maintain static data in several tables of the dbCRIS Data warehouse and its business layers. So that authorized users can directly update, insert or remove data from the tables after the change is approved by a second person.

My Role
I was responsible for writing Java Script Validations and designing screens using XML/XSLT. I also contributed to the backend in writing Action classes, Data Access Objects (DAO) and Value Objects (VO). This project also exposed me to the EJBs like Message Driven Beans (MDB), Entity Beans and Session Beans.

June 2004 - October 2008

Project Trainee

DSL Software Limited

Bengaluru, India

Project Overview
The application is used by the custodian department of a leading bank in the Europe region. It is mainly used to provide Tax Reclaiming System from the German/Italy Tax Authority. It uses the Struts (MVC) framework Provide client (foreign investors) with tax reclaim service of Germany/Italy withholding tax (actual phase). Define the work flow, data feed and system requirements for the whole process.

My Role
I was responsible for building screens using XML and XSLT.

June 2004 - October 2008


Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India

Kongu Arts and Science College, Erode, India
Master of Computer Applications

Score: 77%

June 2001 - May 2004

Periyar University, Salem, India

AVS College of Science, Salem, India
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science

Score: 70%

June 2001 - May 2004


Frontend Tools & Framworks
Backend Languages, Tools & Framworks
  • Core Java
  • Spring Framwork
  • JPA & Hibernate
  • Enterprice Java Beans - EJB
  • Node JS
  • Basic Android App Development
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Open Shift
  • Heroku
Persistant Storage - Databases
  • NOSQL:MongoDB
  • SQL:Oracle SQL Server, MS SQL Server & My SQL
IDE & Editors
  • Eclipse
  • IntelliJ
  • Sublime Text
  • VS Code
  • Android Studio
Continious Integration & Devops Tools
  • Jenkins
  • Travis CI
  • Bash Shell Scripting
  • Windows Batch Files
  • GIT
  • Gerrit
  • SVN
  • CVS
  • Google Analytics
  • Pewik
  • Ensighten
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0
  • Agile Development & Scrum
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design, (WCAG) 2.0
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams


Apart from being a web developer, I enjoying watching movies mainly Indian Movies.

When there is no movies available then I read news about Politics.

Personal Creartions

  • SSL/TLS Certificate Tool This is a simple utility written using Java 11/Sprint Boot 2.x for backend and Vue for the UI. The UI also makes use of Bootstrap/Fontawesome for styling and look and feel.
  • Math Problem Generator This is a simple tool to generate random Math Problems for the 2nd grade students. This also helped me to show that we can always write code to get 90%+ in code coverage. I got 100% code coverage, just to prove a point that is doable. However, I dont recommend for all projects.
  • Spring Boot Version Viewer This is a tool that will show the Software depependencies for the Spring Boot Version this is selected.
  • Java SSL Test Simple Java based CLI Tool to test SSL/TLS connection and list the ciphers
  • Simple UML A simple GUI to demonstrate the use of Spring Boot 2.X and Angular 5 using Plant UML plugin
  • Shop This is a basic E-Commerce portal using Spring Boot and Angular 2+
  • slush-angular-gulp A slush generator for AngularJS using the Google Angular App Structure Recommendations
  • Demo This is an open source project that was mainly created for the purpose of learning to host code on the OpenShift cloud.
  • NG Gulp This is a project started as a scrachpad applicaiton to start wetting my hands on Angular JS
  • Diff Report This is Java based tool to compare folders of the application and run tools like PMD, firebug and provide the delta.
  • SQL Runner A CLI utility to run SQL commands
  • Remote SSH A simple CLI tool to monitor logs from multiple hosts in a single window. This is very useful in monitoring app logs running on a cluster.